Cyprus Residency: Your Dream Unlocked! Experience the Vibrant Journey with Residency Permits

Advantages of Temporary Residence Permit (TRP): Swift Process: Obtain your residence permit in weeks, turning your Cyprus dream into reality. Path to Citizenship: Achieve Cypriot citizenship after seven years, securing an European Passport for your family. Flexible Renewals: Effortlessly renew the one-year permit for continuous comfort and security. Family Inclusion: Extend the joy as your family can easily apply for a residence permit. Advantages of Permanent Residence Permit (PRP): Instant Access with Property Purchase: Invest in a €300,000 property for immediate permanent residence. Accelerated Path to Citizenship: Apply for Cypriot citizenship after just five years of residence. Inclusive for All: PRP covers all family members, creating a generational connection to the enchanting island.

Unlocking Vibrant Living: Beyond Property Purchase, Embrace a Seamless Lifestyle

At Mandarin Park Mediterranean Ltd, we go beyond just selling properties; we craft a seamless and vibrant living experience for each buyer and relocation for his family. Here's how we make your journey colourful and stress-free: Expert Assistance Every Step of the Way: With our reliable team of specialists, your real estate journey becomes simple, fast, and transparent. Our experienced professionals ensure that you make confident choices, leaving no room for uncertainty. Legal Support: Our dedicated team of lawyers is ready to assist you in navigating complex legal procedures, offering services such as: • Obtaining a Visa • Obtaining Residence Permit/Permanent Residence • Expert Tax Advice, including VAT Reduction • Company Formation and Business Operations in Cyprus

Comprehensive Client Services:

Mandarin Park Mediterranean Ltd is committed to enhancing your overall experience. We provide additional services, including: • Airport Pickup for a warm welcome to your new home. • Expert Advice on Property Purchase, ensuring informed decisions. • Guidance on Registering Children in Kindergartens and Schools, facilitating a smooth transition for your family.

Property Maintenance Excellence:

Our commitment doesn't end with the purchase. We extend our support to maintain the standard of your property throughout the years, ensuring your investment remains a vibrant and thriving part of your life. With Mandarin Park Mediterranean Ltd, your journey goes beyond real estate—it's a tapestry of vibrant living, personalized support, and a commitment to your lasting satisfaction. Welcome to a life where every colour tells a story of comfort, ease, and joy.